10 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Being A Girl Boss

Total transparent moment today. Being a girl boss is hard and absolutely challenging at times. Maybe I’m the first to admit it and that’s okay with me.  Some days I’m thriving in the abyss of working for myself and creating something from the ground up. Other days I just want to lie underneath the covers and never come out. It’s the truth. I’ve been on my entrepreneurial journey for about a year and some change now. I’ve learned quite a few things about myself and running a business from home. I have a small tribe of entrepreneurial friends online and in person. For the most part, we’re all pushing that great big idea rock up the entrepreneurial mountain daily. Trying our best to not fall down or stumble over our ambitions. Failure is definitely not an option. Thus, we all congregate when we can and keep chucking along as we try to break barriers in our industries.


Although I am grateful for my online and in person tribes respectfully. Nothing could have really prepared me for the wave of being a girl boss. Trust me, being a girl boss is more than just using the hashtag on Twitter or cool captions underneath a stunning Insta photo.

girl boss


I’m partially guilty of associating being a girl boss with some of the cool trendy things people admire and respect today. Like it’s cool to say I’m working from my home office in my pj’s. While catching up on the latest episode of Wendy Williams.  Those days are sometimes far an in between to come by. Within my first year of being a girl boss, I’ve explored many ways to balance my growing business and keeping my head on the ground. Although some of the tips below may have been shared with me in conversation via Instant messenger or french fries. I appreciate all of the gems and carry them close to my heart.  I’m still a work in progress and I don’t claim to have it all figured out. Hopefully, you will appreciate some of these gems and want to be so hard on yourself during your entrepreneurial journey.

  1. It’s okay to ask for help. – When you’re in the middle of building a company or organization, you get tunnel vision. Sometimes tunnel vision is a good thing because you can knock things off of your list.  However, just because you understand the flow and routine of your business don’t you can’t build support around you. Know when to ask for help so that way you can execute the vision exceptionally.
  2. Put self-care on the to-do list.- I’m the last one in my home to go to bed and the last to get a manicure. I’m guilty of taking care of everyone and everything myself. This is not good for me mentally or physically. Learning to rest in the middle of networking, posting, socializing, and raising kids is almost impossible. There is the only one you and you have to make self care a priority.
  3. Listen to your body when it asks for rest.- I work seven days a week or at least five minimum. I’m slumped over on my computer and scrolling my cell phone. It’s how I run my business and life. When it’s time to unwind my mind is nearly impossible to shut down. It wasn’t until last year where I implemented a rule to unplug on Sunday and just be present with friends and family.
  4. Be patient with the growth of your business. – I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I have high expectations. With both of those combined my ambitious attitude blinds me and makes me feel as if I’m sprinting towards completing the next goal. However, I had to learn the hard way that building a business is a marathon and not a sprint. Patience is definitely required at every turn.
  5. It’s okay to say no to some opportunities. -Sometimes I am an eager beaver to exemplify my skills and expertise to an audience or potential client. However, there are those moments when I question if the opportunity is right for me at the moment. I never want to put too much on my plate that I cannot handle. Nor do I want to make money motivated decisions that I will eventually regret. It’s imperative that I decline some opportunities that don’t feel right in my gut.
  6. Working hard doesn’t have to consume your entire life. – Although we are trying to keep up with our favorite influencers and project a certain lifestyle. I’ve learned it’s not healthy to work around the clock. Instead of trying to become someone you know virtually, strive to become only the person you destined to become in your own time.
  7. An organization, discipline, and focus are key.- What worked for you in 2017 is not going to work for you in 2019. As my business grows I’ve learned that being organized, having a disciplined work ethic, and focusing on key components at a time will help me to execute and implement new strategies and ideas.
  8. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself- I’m a self-confessed giggle box. However, in business, I try to be as firm as possible. Sometimes I take myself to seriously and forget that at the end of the day I’m still human. I try my best to include laughter in my daily regime.
  9. Make friends in the business.- One of the greatest attributes of being a girl boss is meeting other girl bosses. While some of them may be in the same industry or similar fields the market can be a bit competitive and toxic. I get it…we’re all trying to secure the bag. However, I’ve learned that building bridges is by far the best way to remain relevant and successful.
  10.  Learn and Grow always- As many times as I have failed, been rejected, and more. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the process. Each experience has made me a wiser girl boss and allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone.


Whether you’re in the first or fifth year of being a girl boss, buckle your seatbelt. The journey will continuously push you outside of your comfort zone. You’ll learn more about the woman you are becoming versus the woman you thought you were yesterday. You’re going to make some mistakes, fail a few times, get laughed at, and if you’re lucky to make a whole lot of money in the process. Two things: Girls become women who rule the world. Bosses create jobs that help make society better than it is today. I’d rather be a girl boss any day!


girl boss 2


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M.C. Walker is a girl boss in Atlanta, GA. http://www.themcwalker.com

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