The Journey to Finding Her ft Guest Blogger

My journey of self-love has been the most strenuous yet the most rewarding journey in my life. On this never-ending journey  I have learned to be more gentle with not only myself but with those around me. I have learned to be more patience, nurturing, and compassionate. I have reached a place where I can be the healer for others that I needed to be for myself. But to get this place wasn’t easy! It took me dealing with a lot of hurt and pain that I had buried deep down inside. Even though the journey has been challenging it has been worth it on so many levels. I am now able to tell my story without any shame or tears.




It all started in 2015 when I was a, then, single mom to my oldest daughter. To say that single mom life had gotten the best of me would be an understatement. I had officially hit rock bottom and cracked. I had an emotional and mental break that lasted for roughly 72 hours. After being in complete depression and despair for those days I realized that something had to give, it was officially time to make a change. I needed to get to a better place on all levels so that I could become the best woman for me and the best mother for her. She deserved to have a healthy and peaceful mother, just as I deserved to reach that place. So, I sent her to go live with my family in Jamaica for a year while I embarked on the journey that would change our lives forever.


For me it started with changing my mentality and finding my spirituality. I started to learn about chakras, mediation, and the power of yoga. I spent 7 months working through each chakra, there are 7 total and I spent one month on each one. If you have not heard about chakras I highly recommend that you dive into studying them. Unblocking each chakra combined with the beauty of yoga and the magic of mediation I could feel myself healing. My temper was better, I started to think positive, and life didn’t seem so glem. I encourage everyone to at least get into a yoga practice. Yoga has so many benefits on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual if desired. A great channel to watch to start your at home yoga practice is Yoga with Adriene. She has videos from everyone from beginner to full on yogi.

When I reached a “comfortable” place in my journey and felt I could sit there for a little while the universe threw a curve ball my way. An old college fling came back into my life and would eventually become my husband. Now, before him I tried many business endeavors that never went anywhere and so I gave up on my entrepreneurial dreams, my goal was to climb the corporate IT leader and be happy with that. Within a year and 3 months of us reuniting I quit my job to live out those dreams I had forgotten about. To say I wasn’t nervous or terrified to quit my job would be a lie, but I knew with him supporting me everything would work out.


The only reason why I am where I am right now in business is because of him. Not only has he supported me 1000% but he has been my business coach, my mentor, my creative genius, my photographer and more! He not only helps me with all my business dreams and goals but he pushes me even further on my self-love journey. He is always reminding me to value myself and to never question my worth. He pushes me to be the best me and doesn’t allow me to settle. My love and appreciation for him cannot be expressed in words.


Our relationship hasn’t been perfect by far but we set ground rules early on to help us make it through those rough patches. Some of our rules are:

  • Never getting off the phone or leaving out the house without saying I love you
  • Always cuddle at night
  • Always greet each other in the mornings
  • No yelling or cursing allowed in heated discussions
  • If one of us becomes to frustrated we take a cool of period
  • Listen to understand
  • Read a book


The last one may seem odd but it works. One book that changed the face of our relationship was “ The Blackman’s Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman”. I recommend that everyone single, married, dating, divorced, etc… grab that book, read it, and take notes! Ever since we finished reading that book together in Jan 2018 we have not had one single argument. We disagree yes, but we have not had a blowout argument in over a year. This in combination with creating your own rules I believe are crucial for a successful and thriving relationship.


I could go on for hours about self-love, chakras, business, relationships, parenting, and more! If you would like to get more insight on me or follow my journey please add me on FB Olwin Guthrie or IG @theeogproject. I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you on your journey in any way you see fit. Until next time…





Peace | Love | Blessings

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