The Top Reasons People Give Up On New Year’s Resolutions

January’s a wrap… sort of. Depending on who you ask the year has started off on the best foot possible. While majority have casually slipped into their yoga pants, settled into the job they hate, and recycled toxic friendships for the sake of companionship. Whether you’re at the top of the food chain or muddling through the month with angst for a new beginning in February… I understand you.

So far 2019 has helped me to slow down and prioritize my life accordingly. Instead of rushing through my goals anxiously to achieve that familiar feeling of accomplishment. I’ve been intentionally slowed down and allowed to refocus my attention on other matters. Just like you I started January with a pocket filled with hope and positivity. Yeah, I still have does lint balls lurking around in the background. However, things suddenly began not to go as I had planned. At first I panicked and wanted to spiral into a meltdown of self pity.

If you’re anything like me hopefully this blog post will help you put some things into a fresh perspective.

Here are a few reasons why most people give up on new years resolutions :

1. Lack of commitment : Telling someone that you want to get your life together in the new year is easier said than done. A lot of people make empty promises to themselves and don’t commit to making the changes necessary to improve their life. We’re all adults and we make our own choices. However, instead of trying to commit to an idea of who you are going to become in the new year, commit to healthier actions that contribute to your end result.

2. Too many ambitions, poor time management : Raise your hand if you’re juggling ten things at once. Guilty. We have subconsciously subscribed to the idea that we have to over extend ourselves to our ideas and have poor time management skills. For example, if you are a single mom, your kids are your top priority. But, you have ambitions to start a small business. The idea of launching a business is exciting. You order business cards, tell a few friends, and make a few sales here and there. But, you also have ambitions to make supervisor, travel, give back to your community, and etc. Before you know it your time is spent trying to juggle everything on your plate instead of flourishing efficiently at one task. It’s okay to have ambitions. Learning how to manage your time is key to your overall success.

3. Lack of support: Have you ever wanted to go back to school to finish your degree? You’re excited and can’t wait to start class. Yet, the people around you could care less. Trust me, it’s more common than you think. Having the support of those we love and care about is important to us. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come easy. More often than not the hardest part about pursuing our goals is realizing that they matter to us and not to anyone else. Don’t take it personal. People become wrapped up in their own world and barely notice others. It happens occasionally. The important thing to remember is that your goals will not be possible without your commitment.

The one thing I’ve learned in these first few days of 2019 is that nothing happens without consistency. Things may come up to hinder and throw you off track. Instead of backing down or giving up on all the things that you want to accomplish this year. Take a step back and refocus on the vision you have for yourself in 2019. Just because you didn’t accomplish everything in January doesn’t mean you can’t start over in February. Starting over is always better than quitting.

Tell me about your January. I’d like to hear all about it.

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M. C. Walker is a full time creative entrepreneur from Atlanta. Currently raising two handsome boys. Visit me

3 thoughts on “The Top Reasons People Give Up On New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Number 2 is allll me! That’s why this year I intentionally set LESS goals and I am focusing my efforts on my true priorities! Thanks for this post!


  2. Oh, I can so relate on many levels. Slowing down and enjoy conqueroring your goals on every level is crucial. Small steps is good, great tips! I need to work on my time management skills and prioritizing so goal crushing won’t be so overwhelming.


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