New Year, New Habits: 5 Habits To Adopt In 2019 For Success

Happy New Year’s! Wait, is it too late to say that? I don’t know the time line on those things. Forgive me. It’s the third week of January. Most people are in the full swing of getting ish done in the new year. While some others you’re probably fluffing about scratching your head trying to figure things out as you go. Hey! No judgment here, I promise. I’m doing quite well in the new year. I can’t complain too much about anything. Check back for complaints by March lol!

Today’s blog post is about adopting new habits to be successful in 2019. I know what you’re thinking, not another list,right?! Hold your iPhone and keyboard and allow me to finish. If you hate it, hey at least you read the blog post and that’s all I ask.

Like many people the new year sets forth hope and new possibilities. That’s an awesome and amazing feeling. However, what if all that is just a feeling? Feelings subside and reality begins to sink into your life. Suddenly you’re back feeling overwhelmed, anxious, tired, or mentally drained from all the ideas you want to complete in 2019. But you simply can’t or don’t know how because of your poor habits. Habits take more than wishful thinking to break. Habits are formed over time. One of a lot people down falls is having an ambitious attitude and poor habits that prevent execution of their vision.

Well, the buck stops with me today and hopefully for you too. Here are 5 habits that you should adopt in 2019 to be successful :

1. Time management : How you spend your time is certainly your business. However, if you want to reap the benefits of your hard work you’re going to have to learn how to manage your time efficiently. Make time to clean your house. Preparing your dinner. Exercise. Creating an environment that motivates you to accomplish your goals. Time is only wasted when we give more power to our distractions and not our goals.

2. Productivity over busy: We get it, you’re busy. Busy? What’s your version of busy? Our answers may differ. However, our results will reveal our truth. We’re all living jam packed lives that make us essentially chase our tales and run around like a chicken. The difference between a person completing their manuscript and hanging out with their friends is one thing… Choices. We either choose to make a decision that will allow us to be productive or counterproductive. Don’t use busy if you are just hanging out with friends. Be productive and consistent in creating a life you don’t need a vacation from.

3. Network within your community: I know that you are pretty popular on Facebook and you get a few retweets on Twitter. Have you met the creative entrepreneurs in your community? If not, you should immediately. Success is not just about how many hours you put in at work or into your idea. Success is also contributed to getting around and connecting with the right people to help build your dreams. Don’t just sit at home in your pajamas wondering how you’re going to launch your app. Make it your business to support an upcoming entrepreneur and see how your too professions can support each other.

4. Organize your life : Do you have a planner? Sorry. This is not a trick question. My mom has been giving me one for years. I’d chuck it inside my junk drawer and discover I never used it a year later. Like most people, I use my phone to set reminders and plan things in advance. That’s not enough. Organizing your life also includes setting goals, meeting deadlines, researching opportunities, planning events, and diligently revising your weekly and daily goals to control the flow of your life. Fact: I’m a mommy of two. It’s hard trying to juggle doctors appointments, birthday parties and family vacation. Organizing my life with a planner and calendar allows me to plan out my day successfully and be prepared for the unexpected.

5. Take accountability for your actions : Don’t you just love an “I told you so” moment. Yeah, me either. Sometimes that voice in your head is the sound of your mother or sister holding you accountable for your actions. Before you bury yourself in pity and shame, relax. It’s okay to make a mistake while pursuing a goal. However, hold yourself accountable if you fall short of your own expectations or detour from your original plans. Holding yourself accountable for your actions is a big step in realizing that you are growing and changing into the person you’ve always wanted to become. It’s just going to take some time to smooth out the bumps in the road along the way.

See, now that wasn’t so bad right? I hope not. How do you see yourself six months from now? Hopefully, you are in a place where you are confident and happy with the direction your life is taking you. Everyday is an opportunity to become better. No one is perfect. I don’t care how beautiful their Instagram stories/feed are today. We are all striving to become the person we promised ourselves to become at the stroke of midnight in December 2018. I believe anything is possible with faith, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic. Remember, you got this!

Tell me how are you changing your life in 2019.

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2 thoughts on “New Year, New Habits: 5 Habits To Adopt In 2019 For Success

  1. Loved this post! I feel like I’m guilty of always claiming I’m so busy yet I spend so much time procrastinating from work. My New Years resolutions is to just get on with things and have some down time in the evening.


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