How To Make The Most Of January

We made it to January! Ya!

January is filled with hope, change, positivity, and good intentions. It’s like Christmas had a baby and named her January. Lol! In all seriousness, January is my absolute favorite month. Why? Of course…it’s my birthday month. But, it’s the best time of year to set the tone for how you want to kick off and kick ass for the next eleven months. Being a creative entrepreneur I’ve learned two things about myself in recent years. I’ve learned that you don’t prepare in advance then prepare to fail. Secondly, if you’re not creating change, you are not living in the now. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

Most people look at January as a month to put more pressure on themselves than they have too. After overstuffing ourselves and overspending during the holidays, you feel a little guilty for letting yourself go too far off in the deep end. Hey, we’re human and ish happens to all of us. Don’t beat yourself up about it. I promise you’ll make it to the other side.

Relax, you’re in a no judgment zone. We’re all friends here. As your blogging bestie, I feel it’s my duty to keep you on your toes and make sure you maximize your January. Why? Because I care and we’re here to hold each other accountable for our greatness. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

I’m not really big on setting resolutions. Yeah, we all have areas of our life that need to be resolved in some form. However, most people make resolutions with no intentions of ever making the changes happen. Want to know my secret for making January magical? Be intentional with your actions and your words. Period.

Instead of telling yourself that you hate the way your thighs touch or that stubborn belly fat will never get you the guy of your dreams. Change the conversation. Hug your body and embrace your flaws. Tell yourself, I may not be perfect but I’m beautiful. Remind yourself that you are deserving of the love you seek from others. Yes, you could stand to lose a few pounds or gain some weight. Instead of holding on to all the negative, set the intentions to eat healthier and get active. No, I’m not co-signing on running to the nearest gym, forking over $$$, and dreading your workout daily. Listen, we’re not all trying to be Instagram models. We just want to feel comfortable in the bodies we exist within daily.

Truthfully, struggling with your weight is a lifelong battle. A lot of our eating habits are developed early on in childhood and we hold on to them in adulthood. Now that you’re an adult, you can make better choices for yourself. Trust me, it’s going to be scary and uncomfortable in the beginning. But, the reward is worth the sacrifice. Whether your goal is to lose weight, start a business, go back to school, or meet new people. Be intentional with your actions and move purposefully.

No one has a life one hundred percent figured out. We’re all striving to become the person we envision ourselves to be in our imagination. Don’t allow January to intimidate you because you don’t have it all figured out. Instead, remind yourself that you are a work in progress and each day you are growing closer to becoming your best self.


The most magical and wonderful thing you could ever do is learn to live comfortably in your skin.


How will you make the most of your January?

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10 thoughts on “How To Make The Most Of January

  1. I needed to hear this! It was so inspiring. I think it’s important to have goals every year but I agree with you, I don’t make “resolutions” either! It’s really refreshing to hear somebody talk about body positivity too! I hope you have an amazing January and an amazing year! Happy 2019 to you!


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