10 Reasons Why I Started Blogging



I’ve been blogging since 2008. Back when Myspace was still a thing and I was an unknown blogger on Blogspot. Yeah, it seems ancient now. But, that’s where I got my start in the blogging game. I shared my thoughts on random thoughts and interviewed authors of whom I admired and respected. Even though I was committed to my little home on the web, it didn’t receive much traffic or engagement. Was I discouraged? Yes! Did I give up? No.


As popular and common as blogging is socially in our society. A lot of people enter the industry with the wrong intentions and goals. Sure, we all want the cool perks like large page views, uber products and services, and not to mention the glamorous photos to match. Can’t say I really blame people for wanting to jump on this hot train of success. Well, I’m not here to discourage anyone from wanting to jump into blogging. It’s super fun and since I’ve relocated to WordPress I’ve grown a lot.


Today, I just wanted to share with you the reason why I decided to keep blogging after years of disappointment, setback, and obscurity. Hopefully, you will learn a few things in this post and if not that’s cool too. We’re a family here and sometimes families can disagree. The love doesn’t change, pinky promise.


1.  I love writing! I’ve always had a passion for words and putting them on paper is an added bonus. My passion for writing extends to reading articles, studying books on storytelling, and understanding my voice. Blogging is all about writing consistently. Whether someone is reading your work, you should be writing frequently to stay creatively sharp.

2. Make friends. I’m an introvert. It’s hard for me to make friends in real life and on time. Blogging helps you find and create your community of friends. Whether someone connects with your blog in your hometown or in a different state, you will be happy to have a friend that understands your journey. I’ve made some great friends through blogging that I will cherish for a lifetime.

3. Bring awareness to important issues. I’m passionate about bringing awareness to domestic violence. I share my experience with domestic violence in my books and Instagram posts. It’s a subject matter that near and dear to my heart. While my audience is mostly women, I have a responsibility to talk about social issues that affect communities, families, and future generations to come.

4. Attracting like-minded people from all over the world. While I’ve been growing my blog over the past few months. I’ve received feedback from people all across the world. Sometimes in the comments or in a thank, you email. Although my topics may range from self-love to making money, attracting like-minded people to your blog is a huge motivating factor to keep writing.

5. Create opportunities. One thing I’ve learned through blogging is that you can create opportunities with your blog. For example, I’ve been asked to become a brand ambassador through different organizations. My blog is discoverable and through research and consistent posting, I was able to create a new opportunity to introduce myself to a new audience. Yes, you may be typing on your computer weekly. However, the right opportunities will come to you.

6. Freedom of expression. Learning how to express myself on paper and in person was one of the hardest skills I ever had to master. No joke people assumed I was mute. Truth is, I didn’t understand how to process my feelings and emotions with others or myself. Thus, I kept things on the inside of me where I thought they would be safe. That is until I discovered blogging. Blogging is not about perfect characters or making sense of life obstacles. It’s about creating a safe space to be yourself without judgment.

7. Healing. No two people life experiences are exactly alike. My struggles may be different from the next persons and that’s okay. Through blogging, I’ve learned the power of addressing life traumas and issues head-on and creating a safe space to heal. Healing may not be immediate or with other people. But, it’s a unique dynamic in which I am allowed to grow at my own space. For me, blogging allows me to address subjects for myself and others that may not be easy to talk about. But, if I am a mirror for someone, I have given them a reason to exhale and heal.

8. Make money. Want to make money as a blogger? Of course, you do. Through networking in the blogging community, I’ve learned how to create a course, sell tee shirts, and launch a course. Of course, there are other ways to make money too. My advice is not to follow the crowd. But, to identify what works best for your audience and place a monetary value on it.

9. Inspire others to use their creativity. There are so many people who are intimidated by successful bloggers that they quit before they begin. Truth is, there’s enough space on the internet for all of us to be heard and understood in the blogging space. Don’t discredit yourself. I’m a creative person and I use my platform to inspire others to do the same.

10. Establish authority. Being a blogger makes you an authority or resource in the community. You have knowledge and experience that others admire and respect. If you have the knowledge to teach others to use it. Trust me, it will only make you a more likable and respected blogger.


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