5 Reasons To Write, Share, And Live Your Truth

Have you ever wanted to share your thoughts on paper? Of course. But, have you ever thought about what it would be like to share your truth with the world? I think about it every day. I encourage people from all over the world to share their truth. Not just for profit or exposure. For freedom, power, peace of mind, and to give hope to others.

To often we shuffle through our lives carrying trauma, tragedy, and failures around on our shoulders. It slows us down mentally and spiritually. We lose everything when we allow what happened to us to control our lives.

I am a survivor of domestic violence. I choose to tell my story every day to many people as possible. Why? I don’t want to ever live in shame or regret. I choose to empower and educate others through my experiences. I am not what happened to me. I am stronger from it.

I help people write their truth and free themselves from mental cages. You never know how much your story will save a life. Never be ashamed to stand in the light and share your truth. If it happened to you, it’s happening to someone else. Right now what we need most in the world is love, compassion and healing.

Heal from your past. Give life to the person standing beside you. Break generations of curses. Reclaim your power. Embrace your future with open arms.

I’m not just a blogger or a mom. I’m a woman who believes that there is a testimony inside of you that needs to be heard, shared, and delivered to a empty and confused heart.

Do the world and yourself a favor : Write. Live. Share Your Truth.

1. You have a powerful story on the inside of you.

2. You have the power to change a life.

3. Your silence will cost you your victory.

4. Living in your truth is freedom for you and others.

5. Your breakthrough is a blessing and the world needs your testimony.

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