10 Goal Setting Tips For Mompreneurs

As a mompreneur, I’m always trying to find ways to grow my business and raise my growing kids. Some days I’m on cloud nine on both fronts. Other days, I’m about together as a bowl of scrambled eggs. If you’re like me during this time of year, you probably have one hand on your computer and the other in cookie dough. We’re working moms and we shouldn’t have to apologize for our ambitious attitudes.

I’ve created a helpful and realistic list of goals for mompreneurs. Why? Your business doesn’t have to suffer while you are entertaining guests, traveling the country, or browsing online for holiday gifts.

Here are some sure fire ways, you can maximize your business and family this holiday season.

1. Get a accountability partner. : Who says you need an accountability partner only weight loss? Grab a close friend from your tribe and discuss your goals each week. Whether you hit your mark or fall short. Your accountability partner will be able to motivate you to keep going. Or tell you when you need to balance your to do list and take a personal day to refocus.

2. Organize your social calendar. : It’s that time of year where people send out party invitations to office Christmas parties, holiday dinners, and New Year’s celebrations. If you are like me, you just want to binge watch Netflix and eat popcorn and mute your phone.The best way to organize your calendar is not to over commit to every function you’re invited too. Respectfully decline in advance and attend events once a week.

3. Network online. : Want to spread the word about your latest product or services? Join a few virtual parties online. People are looking to meet like minded business owners and mompreneurs. Don’t be or intimidated. Have fun and make friends along the way.

4. Research vendor opportunities for 2019. : Are you guilty of missing vendor opportunities this year? Guilty. Now is the time to research future events coming up all over the country and in your hometown. Save your coins and send out your media kits.

5. Rest, relax, and rejuvenate during the holidays. : As a former people pleaser, this time of the year was the worst. My head is usually spinning in ten different directions. As a mompreneur, I’ve learned the importance of resting and relaxing before jumping into the next function. Do yourself a favor and add sleep to your calendar.

6. Expand your audience. : Maybe you have a few favorite accounts that you follow on social media. That’s pretty cool. However, there are some great people that would like to meet you online. Introduce yourself to a new audience each month.

7. Step outside of your comfort zone. : Going LIVE on social media used to scare me to wits end. I’m a slight perfectionist that likes to overthink everything. This I’ve gone LIVE at least daily or twice a week. Do something that scares you. It’s a opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

8. Set short and long term goals for your business. : We are conditioned to aim high when goal setting. That’s absolutely fine. However, we miss great milestones when we don’t set short term goals. Make a list of short term goals that you want to accomplish within a month. Make a list for long term goals for six months or more.

9. Connect with a mentor in the industry. : There are some great and powerful women in my LinkedIn network. I would love to have them as a mentor. Have you ever thought the same? If so, reach to the professional and ask them out for a cup of coffee. You never know where the opportunity could lead you.

10. Give back to your community. : As a mompreneur, it’s understandable that you have goals to be self sufficient and maximize your business potential. However, you should also consider how your business can contribute to your community. Whether you offer a service as hair styling or tutoring, there is someone who needs the advice, acknowledgement, and support to follow in your footsteps.

What are some of your goals for the holidays as a mompreneur?

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