An Open Letter To My Future Self

Dear Minolta,

If you’re reading this I hope you are happy in every sense of the word. By now you probably are scratching your head and wondering how on earth did you make it this far in life. How did you survive that break up with what’s his name? How did you raise two strong boys to be a reflection of the King?

How did you grow your business and find true love in the midst of chaos and confusion?

Well, I’ll tell you. You never gave up on your vision for yourself and your life. Many people counted you out and said that you were just another pretty face. I’d like to tell you that they were wrong. So many tried to come up against. Many tried to hinder and distract you from your purpose. It’s one thing to believe in yourself. But, you pushed the envelope by resting in the foundation of your faith. Your faith has served you well and shielded you from your own self destruction. There are not many whom can come from a place of financial struggle, setback, rejection, criticism, and injustice to arrive where you are today. You made it because you are strong willed, ambitious, and intelligent. Know matter how high the ceiling or how low the example may have been. You have held your own and risen to state of inner peace and success.

What most people may not understand that they were born rich and equipped with the power to change the world. If only they looked on the inside and tapped into their most natural resource. The power of self love and self awareness. Not to be crippled by failure. But, to allow fear and the unknown to motivate you meeting your future self with respect, love, and honesty.

Life will continue to reward your hard work and dedication to making the world a better place as long as you are in it. Creatively inspiring those around you with your books, films, podcasts, and productions. You have always aspired to inspire others. Never lose sight of that and the quest to help another along the way. You are more than just a brown girl from Atlanta. You are a child of the most High God. You should never want for nothing in this life. In all things include and honor God. For God will continue to restore your strength, restore peace, rejuvenate your sour, and reward you through all the days of your life.

Cheers to you for not only chasing your dreams. But, for having the courage to live above and beyond the standard for your life. In all things be blessed and at peace.

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