Why You Will Love & Hate”Nobody’s Fool” From Tyler Perry

When it comes to choosing a feel good movie for your girlfriends, you rely on mega producer and Hollywood director Tyler Perry to deliver. After all Tyler Perry speaks woman lol! Whether you’re looking to laugh at the antics and over dramatic moments from our favorite family matriarch Madea. To his spiritual family themed classic movies and TV shows. Tyler Perry has a little something, something for everyone in the family.

This time around Tyler Perry has turned his attention to the dating scene for his latest romantic comedy Nobody’s Fool. Starring Tika Sumpter as Danica, the perfect daughter and role model to today’s young ambitious woman. Smart, funny, attractive, and looking for love in all the wrong places. Once her newly released from prison sister, Tonya (Tiffany Haddish) catches wind of Danica’s love life. She does a little detective work to protect her sister. What happens next is anybody’s guess.

From beginning to end, Tiffany Haddish is off the chain with her comedy and outspoken raunchy actions and behavior. Tyler offers a special treat and reward as he softens Omari Hardwick of Power for sexual eye candy with a gentle spirit.

True to Tyler Perry form, each character has more layers than they are presented with early on in the movie. While falling in love with Danica’s picturesque life and city views. We see ourselves in Danica optimistically searching for love in a hook up culture. Yet, the underwhelming factor exists of putting all of your eggs in one basket or one swipe to only to be rejected virtually.

Tonya saves the day most of the time. Although Haddish is a refreshing presence in the film. At times you wish we knew more about the potty mouth sister who just did a five year bid. At times, the vulgar language and sexual innuendo can turn off long time fans of Tyler Perry. Obviously Perry is reaching to tap into a younger demographic with special guests appearances from Nev and Max of Catfish.

Unfortunately, some of the development of the film was a huge miss. For example, Whoopi Goldberg is a pot smoking mother who grows weed inside her recluse apartment. Aside from the distractingly hideous wig, Whoopi character had major gems to provide her distraught adult children. Yet, you wouldn’t recognize that due to the cool factor and disguise presented.

Despite rooting for love between Omari and Tika, whom on screen chemistry was not strong enough. You will walk away feeling like the movie was best fit for television and not the big screen. There were moments were my imagination drifted and I wondered why was this significant to the film.

Fair warning: This is not your mommy’s classic Tyler Perry film. At best it’s more appropriate for girls night out or something to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Overall rating 6.5.

Have you seen the movie? Tell me your thoughts.

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M. C. Walker is a Atlanta based author and blogger. Visit her http://www.themcwalker.com

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