5 Things I Learned About Myself In 2018

Could you describe your 2018 in three words… What would they be?

For me.



Hard Work.

At the end of every year we all like to take inventory of the year. Maybe you had a new years resolution and stuck to it. Perhaps you fell short of your own expectations and new a restart button. Trust me, I’ve been there quite a few times.

I’m not really big on new years resolutions. However, I do like to look back at the year and do a little self evaluation. I strongly recommend evaluating your progress allows you to monitor your growth and implement new habits.

This year, I really put my money where my mouth is and it paid off well. I’m not a huge risk taker. However, I am quite ambitious. Thus, my ambitions push me frequently outside of my comfort zone. Truthfully, I like it like that. ( Cardi B voice)

When 2017 ended I was on a natural high. My life was blossoming and I had some major moves I wanted to make in the new year. Sometimes you say one thing and well you end up with another. As previously stated, I was fed up with my job and I wanted something more professionally challenging.

In my mind I was already out the door. But, my logical and adult self said have several seats and figure this thing out. Lol! I did! I’m a person of great faith. Although my faith is strong, it does come with it trials and tribulations. That’s the thing about faith that a lot of people don’t understand. Your faith is like your security blanket. It’s there to provide comfort, hope, and security. Even when we get older and don’t need that physical security blanket, we still seek the comfort and security it brings to us in our adult lives. I needed to remember that in 2018.

Amongst many other things I learned in 2018, here are a few others :

1. It’s okay to try love once again: I got my heart broken in Spring of 2017. I was essentially done with love for at least a good minute. I didn’t become bitter or jaded. I just found new ways to refocus my energy. I was celibate for 10 months when I met someone this year. It was completely unexpected. It came into my life organically and gently. I had taken love off my priorities list and gave it to God to hold. I don’t know what the future holds. But, I’m glad my heart still has room to allow love to enter.

2. Stop waiting for permission: Have you ever waited for the right time to do something? For someone else to put you on and validate your dreams? Permission to start over? Me too. Here’s the thing, the permission you are seeking has to come from you first. Once you give yourself the permission to try something new, fail, and start over. You give yourself permission to accomplish anything. The permission you seek comes from you.

3. It’s okay to outgrow people and still love them : I am a former friendship hoarder. I used to take my friendships from elementary school into high school with me. Why? Those friendships made me comfortable. That same mentality followed me into my adult life. My circle grew larger and my vision grew smaller. I was flooding my life with other people problems and visions for themselves. I wanted them to come with me and enjoy my breakthrough. I had to learn the hard way that even friendships have expiration. Sometimes people can only love you the way they know how to love. Once I realize that I couldn’t change my friend, I could change myself my life changed. I could still love and care about them, just at a distance and be okay with that.

4. Life will reward you for your hard work : After I left the security of my full time job and benefits, I was on my own. It was time to really figure things out. I began taking courses. The courses were supposed to attract high paying clients. Instead I ran into frequent no’s and rejection. I was crushed momentarily. However, my fighting spirit would not allow me to quit. I kept up with the course and searching for clients. Sometimes, it seems like the hard work is not paying off because the results are not immediate. Hard work and dedication equal success. It’s just about having a stronger mindset and being patient with the results. I was working on outside. But, the bigger adjustments were occurring on the inside of me.

5. Keep your eyes on the future : I am always seeking to become the best version of myself. I am frequently uncomfortable with stagnation. I like to see things and people around me shift forward. In life you’re going to come up against pain, strife, setback and disappointment. But, that doesn’t mean you give up on the future. I am in full awareness that everything I do today is contributing to a brighter tomorrow. Know matter what happens today, the future belongs to me.

What have you learned in 2018?

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M. C. Walker is an Atlanta based author and full time freelance writer. She is currently working on her next book Love Beneath The Moon, follow her http://www.themcwalker.com

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2 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned About Myself In 2018

  1. love this! I love your take on looking back at the year – because it really shows how you have grown since the year before. I also really love all of your points! They all ring so true to me – especially the “it’s okay to love again”! Recently had my heart broken too.


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