5 Things To “Boss Up” On Before The End Of The Year

Where has the year gone?

Seems like yesterday we were begrudgingly setting New Year resolutions and trying to lose ten pounds by V-Day. Well, I was anyway lol!

Like, they say time waits for no one. Whether you are ready to swing into the holidays gleefully or dreading awkward family dinner and awkward intrusive questions about your personal life. I’m going help you get your life in order. Why?

Because we’re best friends and best friends don’t allow each other to fall short of their own greatness. We have no room to back down now, it’s time to “level up” and maximize our potential.

As your blogging bestie, you can rely on me to give you my honest opinion, thoughts, advice and cool suggestions on taking charge of your life and ending the year in peace not pieces.

Here are five things that you need to accomplish before the clock strikes twelve at midnight on December 31st. Grab a pen and paper and take notes!

1. Get In Front Of Your Debt : The holidays are notorious culprits for cause people to swipe blindly. You’re in the giving spirit and that’s great. However, your bank account needs to be in good standing before you lose yourself shopping at Forever 21. Be responsible and take inventory of your debt. Create a budget for spending during the holidays. Begin setting side more money for savings and paying off your debt. This is the biggest gift you can give yourself today.

2. Start looking for a better job : I know what you thinking, you like your job and it pays well. That’s awesome and fantastic. However, we live in a time where our cost of living out weigh our wages. You’re not getting any younger. You need to reconsider your options in the job market. Seek an employer that is willing to invest in your future within the organization. Catch this tea. Companies all over the world are looking for Social Media Managers. Why? Social Media is public currency. You can double your earning potential just by offering to assist the company with future opportunities. Stop working 60 hours a week, when you can make potentially six figures a year with the right organization.

3. Break Up With Your Haters: Birds of a feather flock together. What does your bird gang look like? Are you all preparing for marriage and a career? Or waiting for the next episode of Maury? I’m just keeping it real. People are attracted to those of like minded interest. You can love people from a distance. Once you figure out what you want for your life, everything around you will begin to change including your friends. Don’t apologize for your success. Elevate your circle and move on with your life.

4. Get your spiritual house in order. : Have you ever tried to do something on your own and fail miserably each time? Yeah, that’s what it’s like when you try to make moves without a spiritual foundation. You can try to obtain all of the things the physical world has to offer. But, if your spiritual house is not in order you will never feel fulfilled in your life. Having that spiritual wellness and peace will allow you to prosper beyond the way man approves and denies you. Get right with God today.

5. Set realistic short and long term goals : We all have a purpose, not many of us have a plan. To often our plans become shaped and altered by other people realities. Before long, you are in the wrong role of someone else’s story. Life is short and not having a vision for your life is costly. Begin by setting short term goals. Such as learning a new skill, applying for a program, and/or attempting to network at an event. Once you begin to achieve your short term goals. Your long term goals will become more distinct in your mind. Check out this Smart Goals Worksheet to give you some clarity and insight.

Although the year is winding down, remember you have the power to change your reality everyday. Don’t count yourself out just because the year is ending. Count your blessings and know that everyday you are presented with the opportunity to make a fresh start.

What are some of the ways you are bossing up before the end of the year?

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