How Koereyelle is changing the women’s empowerment game with WerkPraySlay

How do you define women’s empowerment?

Hopefully you define it as a “inclusive game changing elevation” for women of today. For as long as I can remember women’s empowerment has been a one dimensional conversation among other women. Women who respectively have accomplished a great deal and want to change the status quo. However, ambitious the badass woman may be, her efforts can only go so far to truly affect change.

That is, until Koereyelle has expanded our minds and educated women across the country with her infectious “get this money” attitude and business savvy approach to women empowerment. Never one to settle for the conventional approach to getting things done.

Koereyelle has crafted a defining niche for women to collaborate, network, engage, empower, and change lives by coming together for Werk Pray Slay weekend.

Now, running currently in its sixth year, Founder Koereyelle has boasted the likes of many influential women from across the country to bless aspiring women from different ages, backgrounds, and economic status.

Why? This former grade school teacher understands the importance and values of being a reflection of the changes you want to see in the world. As a innovative and inspiring Millennial entrepreneur, Koereyelle message is clear and easy to understand.

If you are in a position to change the world, for a better tomorrow do it. We are responsible for the gifts we leave behind for the next generation. Whether you are signing up for a financial wealth management course, rocking a cool sweater with “Werk” in bold letters, and/or listening to Koereyelle drop priceless gems on her motivational podcast. One thing is for sure, you will not leave her presence the same.

I’ll see you at Werk Pray Slay Conference in November!
For more info on the conference or Koe, visit


Photo credit : B. Trofort Photography

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