How I Turned My Hobby Into $1,000 Paying Clients

Writing takes hard work and consistency. When you add trying to make a living from typing on your computer all day, it becomes challenging. Most people either fail to start or fail at starting. Trust me, I’ve experienced both for the longest time. I had ideas inside of me and the desire to sit home and write all day. But, the way my relationship with my rent, utilities, and expenses were set up I was afraid to make a move. Sounds familiar?

A lot of people often dream of making a leap of faith into writing for a living. It’s not an easy decision. However, with some careful planning and marketing, you can take the leap. When I decided to become a full-time writer this year, I was entirely fed up with my work environment.  I had no control over my life and I was entirely fed up with putting my writing in part-time status. The transformation began inside my mind and showed up in my actions. A series of events occurred within the workplace and I became uncomfortable. I cleaned out my desk and strategically planned my exit strategy.

I went home and started writing my memoir Pieces Of Me: Things I’ve Learned Along The Way. While writing my memoir I began praying for strength and clarity to do what was on the inside of my heart. I had a household to support and kids to raise. I couldn’t just jump out there. I started a new job and hated it. At the same time, I had my refund check. Most people would buy a car or even pay off debt, I considered the same. But, something inside of me said to use this to support your family while you pursue your career.

For many years I began ghostwriting on content mill platforms. Clients would pay me a small amount to write for them. I couldn’t feed my family off of $100 bucks a month. Ghostwriting was something I did on and off over the years. It was pocket change. This time around I wanted to be taken seriously and earn more pay. Here’s how I earn $1,000 per client :

-I promote myself in Facebook groups, online chats, and networking events: I’m not strong-arming people to work with me. However, I present myself as knowledgeable and easy to work with online and in person. I offer free 15 minute consults and I follow up within a few days. No one is going to represent me better than me.

-I increase my skills frequently: I’m not just a ghostwriter of fiction. I can write blogs, long forms, articles, sales copy, and etc. How? I read avidly and I write consistently. Thus, when the opportunity comes available I’m prepared.

-I’m a professional freelance writer: Have you ever come across a business you wanted to service only to find the website is under construction? Social media page is private or vulgar? Yeah, it happens. Luckily, my social media platforms consistently promote me as a ghostwriter, I educate my audience, and my website is clean and easy to understand.

-I am affordable in pricing my services: I don’t give the whole house away anymore when I first started writing for others. I am up front and allow my clients to make a 50 % deposit to secure services and remainder is due at the conclusion. I’m not a one-stop shop. I assist my clients with editing, social media, marketing, and blogging when applicable.

-I save room for growth and opportunity- I am a one-woman operation. I only take on 3-4 clients a month and focus on my projects for the remainder of the year. I like to put my money where I eat, thus I create my own books to support my business.

You can turn writing into a business with the right strategy and consistency. Don’t shrink or talk yourself out of an opportunity because you don’t have experience. Start a blog, sign up for a course, or read a book to push yourself to earn more. Anything is possible when you have faith!

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One thought on “How I Turned My Hobby Into $1,000 Paying Clients

  1. What a wonderful business you have created for yourself. I applaud you for making things work for you and your family. It isn’t easy to pick up something new. You will totally do great things in the future and so many can learn from you and your work. Bravo girl!


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