20 Things To Write About This Summer

It’s summer 18! It’s time to experience life on a completely different level. You’re probably sick and tired of barbecues, nightclubs, and swiping on Tinder looking for a date. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Lucky for you, I’m all about living in the moment and exploring new challenges this year. Summer only comes around once a year. Why do the same thing over and over again? I believe that we should all have a journal just to keep a momento of what we have learned over the years. Why not start with summer? Here are twenty things you will be inspired to write about this summer:

1. The worst summer movie

2. Your Tinder date from hell

3. The day you unplugged from social media

4. Shopping with your grandparents or parents

5. That one time you lied and got away with it or sort of

6. The hardest decision you had to make this summer

7. What happened when you DM your MCM

8. 5 Things You Can’t Tell Anyone Not Even Your BFF

9. The worst day of your life

10. Your favorite selfie

11. Your first kiss, when, where, and more details

12. A how to post on something you attempted for the first time

13. A letter to last summer you. What have you learned about yourself?

14. Write about your most embarrassing moment

15. An anti bucklist: Things you will never do

16. The last thing that made you cry happy tears

17. Write a letter to your favorite influencer

18. That time you and a stranger shared a laugh

19. What’s your favorite thing to do offline

20. What is your favorite memory from this summer?

Enjoy the summer! Don’t forget a selfie is worth a thousand words. But, a good journal entry will last a lifetime!

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