10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

As a blogger it’s important to me that I remain transparent and truthful in my posting. Why? I understand the value a blog post entry may have on a life. I’m not only here to inform, it’s important that my truth inspires others to live wholely within their own.

So this week I want to share a little bit more about myself with you. I’m human and imperfect. I’m always a work in progress. I hope my list of ten things allows our blossoming relationship to soar to new heights.

1. M is for Marvin : My father is deceased. But, he cleverly gave me my name after a popular camera in the 80s. My name choices were Minolta or Monique. I would have voted for Monique. But the significance of the M represents my father being apart of me forever. I appreciate my name even more as I grow older.

2. Not a dog or animal person : When I was five years old my mom gave me a puppy to hold. It was wiggly and furry. It just freaked me out and I dropped it on the floor. It wasn’t hurt to bad. But, I didn’t get that warm and tingling feeling for animals. Besides the obvious fact that dogs bite, lick there butts, and carry fleas… yeah I’m good.

3. I grew up as a nerd in school : I confess I was a wall flower. I barely spoke two words. I usually just laughed a lot and stared at people. I was extremely nervous around people. I hated reading out loud or participating in class. I made a few friends along the way. But school was quite challenging for a quiet soft spoken book worm. Would I do it again? Probably not. Lol!

4. I used to hide my food as a kid: Don’t judge me! I’ve always been a picky eater. It started with catfish and the rest is history. I used to hide my food in between the couch cushion, under the carpet, and even in my training bra. Sorry mom’s I was that stubborn kid that refused to eat your special meal and would sit at the table for hours refusing to eat it.

5. My first boyfriend was my husband : I know SHOCKER! It’s true, my first everything was my now ex husband. I was not allowed to date. Boys didn’t particularly fond of me because I was shy, quiet, and not sexually active. Any time I thought I came close to having a boyfriend it was super short or a joke. In the words of Kelis, now all the boys come to the yard!!

6. I love chocolate and chips : I’m a habitual snacker. I’m good with a candy bar and spicy or cheese flavored chips. I’m pretty simple in that way. I like what I like and it’s non negotiable.

7. My first time on a plane was in 2017 : My family is very sweet and down to earth. But, of very small means. We are a close knit bunch so everyone lives relatively close to each other. I was really nervous getting on a plane for the first time. Luckily, I had a good traveling companion. Will I get on a plane in 2018? You bet your mommas Mac and cheese!!

8. I’ve met my soul mate and I didn’t marry him : Sounds crazy! Like how could I allow this wonderful and majestic person slip through my fingers. Well, I was married and my marriage was growing increasingly troublesome. My soul mate and I were friends in high school and we reconnected on Fb. I know what you’re thinking we had this a worldwind affair and my marriage exploded. Not quite. I still believe in soul mates and not just in the romantic sense. Timing is everything and some people will always have an impact on our lives for ever.

9. My favorite colors are purple and gray. Mysterious and royalty, just like me.

10. I had a major crush on Puff Daddy as a kid : In the beginning it was all about the looks and the cool bad boy persona. But, as a grown woman I appreciate the pure genius marketing and wisdom of a man with heart and grit. I still love Diddy or Brother Love and I always will.

Those are just a few things about me. Tell me two things about you in the comments.

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