Access Denied : Why EVERYBODY doesn’t need ACCESS to YOUR destiny?

I remember as a small child wanting all the girls in my class to like me. As early as kindergarten, I remember wanting my hair just like Jessica or a nice Barbie doll like Keisha. It was super important for me to be accepted. Seeking validation from others began early as five years old. Making friends for me was quite difficult. I was shy and very soft spoken. My warm personality only began to show once someone took there time to get to know me. That strange fact was something I learned in my late twenties.

I remember being a kid and talking with my mom about the girls in my class. She looked me in my eyes and said, “Not everyone is your friend. Choose wisely.” At the time I didn’t quite understand what she meant.

Over the years, I’ve met some great people and not so great. One thing I grew accustomed to was taking people, our issues, their burdens and mine with me. The only thing that mattered to me was the idea of being a good friend. After all my friends are my family.

Just because you’re friends with someone doesn’t mean you share the same destiny. There are people who will come into our lives only for just a moment. Those moments are made to teach us, make us stronger and push us towards our purpose. So often we become accustomed to the familiarity of our relationships that we lose the purpose within ourselves and others.

As you shift your mindset towards a better future. Be prepared to lose out on a few friends. Be comfortable with denying access to negative people and non believers. You have to learn to value the wonderful and miraculous things God wants to do in your life. Your best friend may love you with all her heart. But, the moment you step outside of familiar territory. She will think you are acting brand new. Here’s the thing, you’re not acting. You’re not reading a script or preparing for a role in a movie. You are becoming more focused on your future. You are becoming aware of your surroundings and Influences and that’s nothing wrong with that.

Hold yourself accountable this year for accomplishing your dreams and goals. This is your year of GREATNESS! Greatness requires a non-negotiable attitude when it comes to making the best decision possible for your future. Remember, everybody doesn’t deserve access to your destiny. Sometimes the best position to be in is alone so God can do His best work.

How are you transforming your life today? Are your friends in alignment with your destiny?

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