5 Types Of Friends You Need In Your Tribe

New Year, New You… Right? Depends. Most people would rate the month of January as a free trial month. Fresh start in February. Maybe some things didn’t quite work out as planned. You’ve hit a few mental, spiritual and financial road bumps. It’s happens.

Unfortunately, we don’t get a reset button on life. Life continues to move forward despite our circumstances or challenges. There’s always tomorrow right… Of course!

Tomorrow is a new day or second chance to get things right. Keep your head in the game and refocus on your goals. Now I know what you’re saying, it’s hard and if only things were as simple as a switch in attitude life would be magically better.

You’re right, tomorrow isn’t just magical. It’s a miraculous gift that we get to open every single day. Think about it. Imagine your worse day of 2018 so far. Go ahead and think about it. Now imagine repeating the same day over and over again. Now luckily we don’t have to experience the same day twice. We have a fresh start in tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve stumbled or fell behind on your goals. Life happens. The important thing is not to get stuck at the pity party. Friends don’t allow friends to feel sorry for themselves.

Let’s talk about our circle of friends. For me, my friends are just like my family. We laugh, cry, fight, support, and love on each other through the good and bad times. You’re on this great path of discovering who you are and your life purpose. Although this is your journey, you’re going to need a tribe of people cheering you along in the process. Now I know what you’re thinking, my friends are fun and down for whatever. And that’s dope! But, you’re going to need these essential five types of friends in 2018 to get you to your next level.

Entrepreneur : How many self employed people do you know? If it’s less than five or three. It’s time to check your network. No shade to your friends. But, entrepreneurs are hard working, disciplined , and ambitious people. These are the type of people whom are unafraid to take risk in there professional lives. Go hard or go home mentally. They have a vision for their life and they will see it through to completion.

Spiritual : When life hits you like a ton of bricks, you’re probably going to want to knock a few people out or vent. Nothing wrong with venting your frustrations. What about taking your problems to prayer? You don’t need a super religious friend with a stern finger and judgment. You need a spiritual and we’ll balanced friend that will allow you to release your frustration and restore your faith in prayer.

Penny Pincher : Tax season is among us. Before you make a big purchase or blow your entire return. Get a girlfriend that is financially responsible with her money. We all know that friend who likes to thrift shop or rather stay home during the weekend. Ask her for a few tips on stretching your coins and making the most of your resources. Save for a rainy day and beyond.

Marriage Minded : How many times have you and your girlfriends analyzed your breakup? Too many to count on one hand. Depending on where you are in your life. It’s time to shift your focus more on your future. Or if you are looking to settle down in the future, it’s time to take a new approach to your dating life. Friends don’t allow friends to date beneath there standards. Marriage minded friends will hold you accountable to your standards, keep an open mind and heart, and be there when times get rough.

Rock : In the words of Plies, she is my rock! Loyalty is gold in friendships and relationships period. Unfortunately loyalty is fleeting and rare. Friendships will be tested. People will come and go over time. But your rock will be a constant in your life. Let’s define your rock. Your rock understands your desire for better in life. They don’t trip over long distance or tardy message replies. Your rock will be there through thick and thin, good and bad, and most importantly this person will be your gut check when everyone else is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Your rocks are precious gems, love and appreciate them because they are rare.

In conclusion sis, this is your year of GREATNESS! Who we align ourselves with in our darkest hour or rejoice with in our accomplishments reflects who we are internally. You don’t need a large group of people to validate your purpose. You need to first and always trust in God. If God is in the midst of your plans, you cannot fail in 2018. You have to understand who you are and your purpose. Don’t negotiate your morals and values for popularity and convenience. You’re better than that. Love and respect yourself always.

You will not have to TRY to make relationship with every person you come in contact with in this life . God will bring you whatever relationship you need when you need it. Allow God to build your tribe!! He knows best!!

How do you define your tribe? Leave a comment below.

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