How To Date Like A Girlboss

It’s 2017 and you are not only conquering your goals, you are exceeding expectations.  When people see you they see a woman covered in favor, faith, and confidence.  You set your mind to living purposefully in 2017 and you are doing just that. Bravo!

Are you applying that same fierce attitude to your love life? If not, you should. As a girl boss you have used your skills, wit, charm, and confidence to position you into key influential places. You set your mind to living fearlessly in 2017 and your goals of becoming stronger and wiser were at the top of the list.  Why not apply the same attitude to your dating life?

Every girl boss deserves some companionship outside of her tribe. Don’t get me wrong our girlfriends are the backbone of sisterhood,  the pillars for motherhood, and the reality check that we sometimes need when life gets a bit rough and throws us off course. Where you are in life will introduce you to game changers,  visionaries, and creative producers that are connected to the dream God instilled within you. Let’s take that same fearless attitude and approach it to dating.  Here are a few tips to dating like a girlboss :

1) Invest your time wisely. Our time is our most valuable asset, choose how you spend it wisely. If you’re dating with the intention of marriage in the future. You have to be willing to make some changes to your social life. Eliminate any activity that could possibly put you in a negative light. Goodbye bars and nightclubs, hello conferences and networking events.

2.) Preparation is Everything : Always keep some lipstick, earrings,  a pair of shades and breath mints handy. Your next client could be your future husband. Even on your worst day be ready to wow onlookers. You are your best representation, can’t nobody represent you better than you!

3. Return and Exchange Policy: Thirty days or thirty minutes,  it’s your time. Don’t give anyone no more than that. There are no returns and exchanges on your time invested. Delete all the old pictures of potential bass, high school sweethearts, and  remixed ex’s.  You’ve been there, done that, and not going back. Deuces!

4. Upgrade Your Dating Standards :  You are a E-news success story waiting to be told. Why are you dating in the kiddie pool?! Stop it! That cute guy on IG with the  tattoos, lots of followers,  school boy smile  and sexy selfies. Yeah, him..keep scrolling pass him. He’s just potential. We’re not dating potential. We’re looking for our equal and above. No more mediocre dates, dating apps, blind dates, situationships,  or its complicated.  Let’s upgrade our standards and stumble upon Mr. Right.

5. Negotiations Not Applicable : When was the last time you settled for less than you deserved? Probably never, especially in business. Why are you negotiating your dating standards? The same rules apply in the real world as they do in the board room. Negotiate to get what you want and nothing less. If he likes you, let him plan the date. He likes to text only,  tell him you like phone calls better. You’re in control sis, don’t forget!

6. Close The Deal: Every girl boss knows that you must close the deal in order to gain revenue and profit. When you’re dating you have to have a goal in mind.  Are you looking for a long term relationship,  friendship,  or marriage?  Be honest with yourself and what you want.  Don’t end up in a relationship that’s not going anywhere and deep you hope it will turn into a proposal.  Talk to your romantic interest about where you are in life and let that know upfront your intentions. When you meet the right partner set your mind on closing the deal.

You are capable of anything you put your mind too and you’re deserving of the right kind of love. While you’re busy conquering the world in your respective industry.  Allow the right kind of love to sweep you off your feet. You are a kick ass rockstar and a girlboss… Never lose sight of that!
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