Reclaiming My Time : No Explanation Required 

For as long as I can remember I’ve been giving my time away. As a woman we’re more accustomed to emptying ourselves for the fulfillment of others.  As young women we pour into budding friendships enthusiastically. We embrace various lovers of hoping to enrapture ourselves in a fairy-tale. As mothers and wives we deplete every ounce of our being to support, guide, and nature the family. But in the end we weaken our core self and forget that the spirit inside of us needs just as much nurturing and self love. 

My spirit has been broken, heart rejected, and my time wasted. I gave all of my power away. After all, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in a relationship  friendship and life?! Who made these rules? 

Time is our most valuable asset. We give it away so freely and frequently that we rob ourselves of it’s very essence. My time belongs to me. I choose to live in each moment as if it was my last. Know longer will I apologize for broken relationships. They were just lessons. Things to experience and push me towards growth. Nor will I allow myself to be broken down into dust until nothing exist of me beyond the figment of imagination. I am worth more than that. 

Reclaiming my time means being cognizant of how I choose to enjoy my time. Not allowing others to abuse and disvalue what belongs to me. Saying no does not mean that I am being selfish. In fact, it means I am being selful. Refueling my body and spirit with things and people that empower and rejuvenate my spirit to it’s fullest potential.  

To be in this world means to give constantly whether as a mother, sister, friend, lover, and a public figure. We deplete our time and energy into things that too often leave us empty and hopeless on the inside. 

I’m declaring and decreeing that my time is valuable. I am a resource to others.  But I will selectively choose how to pour into the world without leaving nothing for myself.  I am a life force that breathes life into every room and thing. Reclaiming my time means reclaiming my life. 

To anyone or anything in your life taking up real estate in your heart and mind. They are not contributing to your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being… Do them a favor and set them free. Sometimes the things we hold on to is the vary thing we need to release in order to grow. I’m reclaiming my time…no explanation required. 
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