Finding The Good In Goodbye In 2018

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What did you kiss goodbye in 2017?

I kissed away my fears and doubts, broke up with negativity and procrastination, and refused to even give two cents about uncertainty and confusion. There was no room for that bunch in my 2018! I packed light for 2018! At the stroke of midnight I was sleeping like a baby. I’d set out and accomplished more than I intended in 2017. I carried with me hope, strength, a renewed and rejuvenated spirit,  patience, faith, self love and resilience. After all I was going to need all of those things if I was going to conquer 2018.

Goodbyes are always hard. Goodbyes signify the ending of a year, chapter, and sometimes a relationship. The hardest part about goodbye is that there is this looming awkward space. The space between the familiar and something new. When a year ends, like most people we reflect on the highs and lows of the year. Whilst attempting to embrace the momentum shifting forward. It can be a bit scary to walk away from our comfort zones. After all we are comfortable in predictability and routines. We embrace yearly traditions, old friends, and remain safely tucked into our positions at work until it’s time to change. Goodbye, is it a bad thing or a good thing? Depends on your perspective.

Do you see the glass half full or half empty? Are you stuck or slowly progressing ? Are you satisfied or just settling? The answer is up to you. There are no right or wrong answers, in my opinion.  The important thing about perspective is to remain truthful about how you see things from your viewpoint.

I like to find the good in everything even goodbyes. I know goodbye feels heavy and emotionally draining at times.  It’s uncomfortable. Losing the guy you liked so much. Leaving a good company. Walking away from a low paying gig. Whatever your goodbye was in 2017 embrace it. Embrace the chapter and learn the lesson it taught you in the process. I like to reflect on goodbyes as a good thing. Goodbye for me means it’s time to turn the page, close the book, and embrace the next level. After all isn’t that what we are all about…progressing, growing, living, and thriving into becoming our best selves? Think about it. When you walked away from a toxic relationship or friendship, how did you feel afterwards? Hopefully after your emotions settled. You felt relieved, recharged, and refocused. Why? Toxic people are draining on the mind, body, and spirit. It takes a lot of energy to carry that weight around. When you said goodbye, you meant it. That was your moment to reclaim your power and make room for the right people to come into your life.

This year I want you to confidently and securely look for the good in goodbye in every situation. This is your year to soar to new heights. To conquer your dreams, goals, and live your best life. Goodbye negativity, doubt, procrastination, safety net, delay, obstacles, and set backs. You came to win in 2018! There are so many blessings with your name on it that your arms simply cannot carry them all. You’re going to need your entire mind, body, and soul to carry this load.  God wants you ready and prepared for all the assignments He has just for you. You have to say goodbye to your old self, old thoughts, and habits. They don’t fit this new you in 2018!! Write this down : GOOD-BYE!!

Remember there is always a good in goodbye because God has something bigger and better waiting for you right around the corner. How will you find the good in goodbye in 2018? Leave a comment. Share this blog. Until next time Queens…be blessed!


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God’s Divine Plan: Failures, Obstacles, and Setbacks





As a kid I was never any good at board games. Maybe I never had the patience to understand checkers or any of the like. That’s okay with me, I like being a bookworm anyway!In the game of checkers nothing ever stays the same. You are up against your opponent and you have to be strategic against the obstacle in front of you in order to come out victorious. In order to be victorious, things must shift. Sometimes things in our lives shift for the better or the worse. All of which conspire to make you prosper and withstand the next battle you come up against.

There has been some battles that I simply was not prepared for or found myself incapable of handling them. For example, after graduating from high school I was sure of two things, I wasn’t ready for college and I wanted to be wherever my boyfriend was at the time. I didn’t have a plan for my life, so I began the next chapter of my life blindfolded.  I loved him and he loved me. Naive ? Yes. Hopeful? Of course.

Life will shift you into the next phase without your permission. At twenty one I was giving birth to my son and by twenty three I was married. By now there were holes in my blindfold. I couldn’t see the future but the road ahead looked bleak. Things were shifting underneath my feet and I was falling. Falling so deeply behind my vision for my life that I grew disgusted with the woman in the mirror. This wasn’t a rehearsal, nor apart of the plan I envisioned for my life. My life was shifting. Shifting into a place of dim light. Finding it hard to breathe. To put one foot in front of the other. I was pushing forward, yet going in circles.  I thought I could handle whatever God sent my way. After all I had been through enough pain growing up, how could I not?

The next couple of years of my life would take me on an emotional roller coaster. One that would leave me wounded, broken, and damaged mentally,spiritually,and emotionally. Through it all God never let go of my hand. Sometimes I’d cry in the middle of the afternoon. Tears would cover my face and I’d be smiling. There was a wound inside my heart that needed to be mended. When it was hard for me to speak through my tears and confusion I found comfort in God’s arms. How do you rebuild your life when life has knocked you down so much?


Someone once asked me how do you do it without any tv, internet, and etc. for long periods of time. Well, all of those things are just distractions. Something to entertain your mind and distort you from connecting with God. I like peace and quiet. In those times I can be honest with myself and the Lord. I could have curled up and died and given up on my life altogether. That’s too easy. Why give up or give in when I know the Lord is not through with me?

For every failure there is a bigger victory, every setback is a setup for something better, and for obstacle is an opportunity to uplift, encourage, and praise his name. My past is my testimony. My bridge to what I have overcome to arrive to my next destination. People may say you’ve changed or you’re not the same anymore. Its all true. Anything that doesn’t change dies. Scars heal and wounds close. All things happen according to God’s divine plan. Remember on this day two years ago when you were crying, depressed, and confused over your situation. But, through it all you kept the faith and God changed your circumstance. He can do it, again if you remain connected to him. Instead of allowing other people drive your life get out of the passenger seat and allow God to drive you to your next destination. Trust me the possibilities are endless when God is behind the wheel.


Be blessed, not stressed!!

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The Girl I Used To Know….

It’s always been said that if anything that’s not growing will eventually die. Once upon a time dying seemed like the worse thing that could possibly ever happen to me. Your life ends and all the things you hoped to accomplish in between the dash dies right along with you. That’s the scariest shit I ever imagined. Yet, it was a reality I saw lived amongst the living. Slumped shoulders, heavy bags underneath each eye, liquid poison to numb the sorrow, and minimal paycheck to keep the lights on. After a while, I soon realized maybe death brought peace and the death that I once feared so deeply was actually amongst the living.

Not to long ago, I used to be just a girl with big bright eyes, a toothy grin, and dark brown extensions that kissed my shoulder. I saw life through a colorful lense and life would work out just way I imagined or saw on television. I was the girl whom carried books by various authors in her backpack next to a bag of flamin hot cheetos. As two dollars in change hid in between the nooks and crannies of my used pocketbook. The quiet wallflower that barely waved or smiled in passing.  I would stare shyly at boys and wonder self consciously to myself, “Does he like me?” I never talked much. Too caught up inside my own thoughts to filter them through my lips.  I didn’t fit in much with the other girls. I wasn’t enough for each category. Not smart enough to sit with the advanced students. Not promiscuous enough to share my dirty laundry. Not lazy enough to adjust to the lazy kids passe lifestyle. I stood out like a sore thumb. I was strange inside my head. Often wondering where do I belong.

I used to wonder why me. Why can’t all the boys like me? Why can’t all the girls include me into their inside jokes and weekend gatherings? So desperately a part of me wanted to fit in and adjust to my reality.  I became a people pleaser to a certain extent.  Despite my efforts, I was unsuccessful at every turn.

I now realize that the girl I used to know just needed confirmation from within that she was more than enough. Her smile needed to reflect the beauty on the inside. The curves of my hips defined my femininity. My laughter could heal a broken heart. My intelligence deserved to be included into a conversation.  Although I may not have been accepted into cliques and organization, the uniqueness inside of me was made to stand out. The girl I used to know used to be soft spoken, mild mannered, and vulnerable to other people trials and tribulations. I used to allow others to treat me the way that they wanted and with my permission. That was okay. It was okay to not remember my birthday or ask me out. Disregard my feelings or disrespect me in private. As long I held a title or perceived position in your circle of life things were okay.

It took a while for me to unlearn the negative associations had with seeking validation from others. The girl I used to know has grown up into a beautiful young vibrant woman. It took some healing and some hard truths that I had to come clean about. No one has the power over your life to make you feel small. You take back that power by defeating every negative energy thrown at you with positive thoughts. No one is me. I am beautiful, smart, funny, creative, and deserving of the same energy I put out into the world. My gifts deserved to be shared with the world.My best advice that I would give my younger self is to not give people so much power and control over who you are and your purpose in this world. You are you and that is enough.  Grow within yourself and give yourself the best chance to reach your fullest between. That dash is your opportunity to give this life your best shot by thriving within each second and moment.  You never know who needs you to keep going. Do yourself a favor and grow where you are planted and blossom in the sunlight.







5 Things NOT To Apologize For In 2018

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Can you believe it’s already May? Where has all the time gone. If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling like you’re somewhere between catching up and slowing down. Understandable. We live in a society that forces us to work to live. Working is not my personal favorite thing to do. However, I do enjoy all the perks of earning a decent living from my hard work. I guess you could say I’ll take the good with the bad.

As the year progresses, we have to refocus and readjust our goals. After all we want to accomplish all the things we set forth in the beginning of the year. It’s one thing to talk about your dreams and goals. It’s a completely different ball game when you put action behind your words. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve created goals to complete within a month. Unfortunately, within a week or even a few days later that awesome list of goals get lost in the abyss of my busy life. Sounds familiar? Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re doing the best you can today. However, you have to admit or acknowledge where you can improve. Maybe you’re like me with an overly ambitious imagination or you’re easily distracted and lose track of time. We all have something to improve . One of the toughest things I struggle with as a mompreneur is finding a happy medium between putting all of my energy into my work and finding the energy for motherhood.

Often times I find myself working so much that my days run together, my eyes hurt, and all I want to do is sleep during the in between moments of my life. It’s tough trying to build a career ,raise a family, and trying to be cute at the same time. Luckily, I manage . LOL! I often find myself apologizing for missing a birthday, not interacting enough online, or wanting to stay in doors on a Friday night. Sometimes I apologize out of guilt. Other times it’s just out of instinct. I’m not perfect. I’m a continued work in progress. Here are a few things I’m not apologizing for in 2018 :

How I invest my time : Time is a valuable resource. How we spend our time is a direct reflection of the direction we’re heading towards. Although I’m at the beginning of a career and probably a rookie compared to most moms. I’m giving my time to the people and things that have a top priority in my life. It’s not impossible. It just takes a little work to put a schedule or routine that is effective to your lifestyle. Your time will produce positive or negative results. Choose wisely.

How I choose to love myself : I love myself! But, I didn’t always no how to express the love I had for myself. I, usually gave all of my love away to my partner, kids, friendships, and family. I used the little that was left to love on me. It wasn’t much left. That all changed a few years ago. I started loving on myself more. How? Taking time to pray in the morning, positive conversations with myself, sprucing up my living space, or recognizing my limits. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

How I choose to say no : I’ve never been a huge fan of the word no. I associated the word no with disappointment, dissatisfaction, and disaster. I’m guilty of being a people pleaser to a certain degree. I like offering my help. However, I had a problem recognizing when I needed to interject the word no. I learned no helped me to establish boundaries for myself and others. I could still offer help and not feel abused in the end.

How I choose to move forward in friendships : My friends are like my family. We disagree and agree often. Their there for me during the good times and bad. However, over the years I’ve realized that at some point you will outgrow your friends. Growth is apart of our success strategy in life. Anything that doesn’t grow or change will eventually dissolve. Unfortunately, friendships are not the exception. As I grow more purposeful in my actions, my friendships are evaluated often. I love my friends. However, I have to know what’s best for my mental and spiritual growth. Sometimes we have to release our friends in order to blossom.

How I am sacrificing my choices: Social media is a choice. Netflix choice. Dining out choice. Everyday we make choices. Some choices are easier or harder than others. Those choices shape our reality. I, intentionally make choices that will impact my future for the greater good of my future. Sometimes we become so distracted by our leisure time that we lose focus of our priorities. It’s okay to occasionally fall short or slow down just a bit. But, don’t get stuck in a downward spiral of poor choices or bad ideas. We only get one shot to make the most of a lifetime.

Apologizing is acknowledging a wrong. However, it’s not wrong to want better for your life. Don’t apologize for being ambitious or striving to do something that other say is impossible. We are not here to please others. We’re here to praise and honor God with our lives. Be intentional with your actions and your words. Whatever your heart desires, it’s possible to have in your life. Today is the greatest gift you will ever receive, open it with enthusiasm!

What are you not apologizing for in 2018? Leave a comment.

Pray. Dream. Win.

I Used To Be Stuck …Until God Prepared Me For My Destiny

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Can I tell you a secret?

I used to be stuck behind my insecurities, self worth, and procrastination of what my life could be. I lived with the fear of becoming successful because my life would change. I wasn’t quite ready for what success would bring to my door step. Truthfully, I was in an abusive marriage, I was raising two children with little help, and my little career of writing was still in park.  I was stuck in my broken reality. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get from A-B or why God wasn’t answering my prayers. I prayed constantly and talked to God about the things I wanted to see happen in my life. Yet, nothing was manifesting in the way I desired and hoped. I was stuck in a downward spiral of regret, anxiety, and sorrow.  I loved my husband and I really wanted our marriage to work. It was the reason I jumped into our marriage. But, my happily ever after quickly turned into a nightmare.

I didn’t understand why the man I loved would want to hurt me so badly with his words and sometimes with his hands. Didn’t he know I loved him from deep within ? Was I that broken and damaged on the inside ? Was this how love felt ? As far as I knew back then love represented putting up and settling for so little just for companionship or security. I’d come from a broken home or a dysfunctional environment that I normalized disrespect. I didn’t understand my value beyond my physical appearance. Never experienced or witnessed the way a man was supposed to love and treat a woman. The couples I knew went through there problems, publicly and privately. But, they stayed together and were happy. Or so I assumed.

The only version of success I knew was on a television screen or magazine. Success signified in my mind that you had to go through the ugly stuff when you’re young. When you’re an adult life suddenly gets better and success and wealth is apart of the package. I didn’t have the tools or resources on how to obtain success. People worked regular jobs and struggled to get by. I adopted this mentality when I became an adult. Frequently procrastinating or to afraid to try something new.

I was stuck behind a false reality, broken promises, and an illusion of what I presumed was success. I used to be stuck, that is until I made up my mind to break the chains and trust God. My relationship with God began to mature over time. I began to trust Him more. And when I lost it all and had to start over I never lost hope that God was right by my side.  God was never not present in my chaos or confusion. My life was filled with so much clutter and distractions that it became challenging to receive His word. Which ultimately made me feel as if God wasn’t listening or paying attention.

Sometimes we have to become quiet and still in order to receive insight into the right direction God wants to take our lives. When I look back on all of things that were coming up in my life, I like to look at them as battles. Battles that were preparing me for where I am today and where God wants to lead and use me. At the time I thought those battles were going to destroy me mentally, physically, and emotionally.  But, they only made me stronger and pushed me towards trusting God and leaning on what is happening before my eyes. My faith grew ten times Mt. Everest.

My message to you is don’t be afraid to share your story and don’t become stuck with where you are today. Whatever you may be experiencing good or bad, God is guiding you towards His plans and purpose for you. We have everything we need to maximize our full potential in this life. Sometimes we become so in tuned with what the world says we need to fill fulfilled or to be regarded as successful. That more often than not God becomes a cliche phrase in our highlight reel. Don’t lose hope and don’t give up on your goals , dreams, and hearts desires. You don’t have to have it all figured out to start . All you have to do is trust that what God has put into your heart to do. It will manifest in due time.

Pray. Dream. Win.

Did you used to be stuck ? Tell me about it. Leave a comment. Thank you for reading and following.

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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

As a blogger it’s important to me that I remain transparent and truthful in my posting. Why? I understand the value a blog post entry may have on a life. I’m not only here to inform, it’s important that my truth inspires others to live wholely within their own.

So this week I want to share a little bit more about myself with you. I’m human and imperfect. I’m always a work in progress. I hope my list of ten things allows our blossoming relationship to soar to new heights.

1. M is for Marvin : My father is deceased. But, he cleverly gave me my name after a popular camera in the 80s. My name choices were Minolta or Monique. I would have voted for Monique. But the significance of the M represents my father being apart of me forever. I appreciate my name even more as I grow older.

2. Not a dog or animal person : When I was five years old my mom gave me a puppy to hold. It was wiggly and furry. It just freaked me out and I dropped it on the floor. It wasn’t hurt to bad. But, I didn’t get that warm and tingling feeling for animals. Besides the obvious fact that dogs bite, lick there butts, and carry fleas… yeah I’m good.

3. I grew up as a nerd in school : I confess I was a wall flower. I barely spoke two words. I usually just laughed a lot and stared at people. I was extremely nervous around people. I hated reading out loud or participating in class. I made a few friends along the way. But school was quite challenging for a quiet soft spoken book worm. Would I do it again? Probably not. Lol!

4. I used to hide my food as a kid: Don’t judge me! I’ve always been a picky eater. It started with catfish and the rest is history. I used to hide my food in between the couch cushion, under the carpet, and even in my training bra. Sorry mom’s I was that stubborn kid that refused to eat your special meal and would sit at the table for hours refusing to eat it.

5. My first boyfriend was my husband : I know SHOCKER! It’s true, my first everything was my now ex husband. I was not allowed to date. Boys didn’t particularly fond of me because I was shy, quiet, and not sexually active. Any time I thought I came close to having a boyfriend it was super short or a joke. In the words of Kelis, now all the boys come to the yard!!

6. I love chocolate and chips : I’m a habitual snacker. I’m good with a candy bar and spicy or cheese flavored chips. I’m pretty simple in that way. I like what I like and it’s non negotiable.

7. My first time on a plane was in 2017 : My family is very sweet and down to earth. But, of very small means. We are a close knit bunch so everyone lives relatively close to each other. I was really nervous getting on a plane for the first time. Luckily, I had a good traveling companion. Will I get on a plane in 2018? You bet your mommas Mac and cheese!!

8. I’ve met my soul mate and I didn’t marry him : Sounds crazy! Like how could I allow this wonderful and majestic person slip through my fingers. Well, I was married and my marriage was growing increasingly troublesome. My soul mate and I were friends in high school and we reconnected on Fb. I know what you’re thinking we had this a worldwind affair and my marriage exploded. Not quite. I still believe in soul mates and not just in the romantic sense. Timing is everything and some people will always have an impact on our lives for ever.

9. My favorite colors are purple and gray. Mysterious and royalty, just like me.

10. I had a major crush on Puff Daddy as a kid : In the beginning it was all about the looks and the cool bad boy persona. But, as a grown woman I appreciate the pure genius marketing and wisdom of a man with heart and grit. I still love Diddy or Brother Love and I always will.

Those are just a few things about me. Tell me two things about you in the comments.

Access Denied : Why EVERYBODY doesn’t need ACCESS to YOUR destiny?

I remember as a small child wanting all the girls in my class to like me. As early as kindergarten, I remember wanting my hair just like Jessica or a nice Barbie doll like Keisha. It was super important for me to be accepted. Seeking validation from others began early as five years old. Making friends for me was quite difficult. I was shy and very soft spoken. My warm personality only began to show once someone took there time to get to know me. That strange fact was something I learned in my late twenties.

I remember being a kid and talking with my mom about the girls in my class. She looked me in my eyes and said, “Not everyone is your friend. Choose wisely.” At the time I didn’t quite understand what she meant.

Over the years, I’ve met some great people and not so great. One thing I grew accustomed to was taking people, our issues, their burdens and mine with me. The only thing that mattered to me was the idea of being a good friend. After all my friends are my family.

Just because you’re friends with someone doesn’t mean you share the same destiny. There are people who will come into our lives only for just a moment. Those moments are made to teach us, make us stronger and push us towards our purpose. So often we become accustomed to the familiarity of our relationships that we lose the purpose within ourselves and others.

As you shift your mindset towards a better future. Be prepared to lose out on a few friends. Be comfortable with denying access to negative people and non believers. You have to learn to value the wonderful and miraculous things God wants to do in your life. Your best friend may love you with all her heart. But, the moment you step outside of familiar territory. She will think you are acting brand new. Here’s the thing, you’re not acting. You’re not reading a script or preparing for a role in a movie. You are becoming more focused on your future. You are becoming aware of your surroundings and Influences and that’s nothing wrong with that.

Hold yourself accountable this year for accomplishing your dreams and goals. This is your year of GREATNESS! Greatness requires a non-negotiable attitude when it comes to making the best decision possible for your future. Remember, everybody doesn’t deserve access to your destiny. Sometimes the best position to be in is alone so God can do His best work.

How are you transforming your life today? Are your friends in alignment with your destiny?

Leave a comment and share this post. ❤️

5 Types Of Friends You Need In Your Tribe

New Year, New You… Right? Depends. Most people would rate the month of January as a free trial month. Fresh start in February. Maybe some things didn’t quite work out as planned. You’ve hit a few mental, spiritual and financial road bumps. It’s happens.

Unfortunately, we don’t get a reset button on life. Life continues to move forward despite our circumstances or challenges. There’s always tomorrow right… Of course!

Tomorrow is a new day or second chance to get things right. Keep your head in the game and refocus on your goals. Now I know what you’re saying, it’s hard and if only things were as simple as a switch in attitude life would be magically better.

You’re right, tomorrow isn’t just magical. It’s a miraculous gift that we get to open every single day. Think about it. Imagine your worse day of 2018 so far. Go ahead and think about it. Now imagine repeating the same day over and over again. Now luckily we don’t have to experience the same day twice. We have a fresh start in tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve stumbled or fell behind on your goals. Life happens. The important thing is not to get stuck at the pity party. Friends don’t allow friends to feel sorry for themselves.

Let’s talk about our circle of friends. For me, my friends are just like my family. We laugh, cry, fight, support, and love on each other through the good and bad times. You’re on this great path of discovering who you are and your life purpose. Although this is your journey, you’re going to need a tribe of people cheering you along in the process. Now I know what you’re thinking, my friends are fun and down for whatever. And that’s dope! But, you’re going to need these essential five types of friends in 2018 to get you to your next level.

Entrepreneur : How many self employed people do you know? If it’s less than five or three. It’s time to check your network. No shade to your friends. But, entrepreneurs are hard working, disciplined , and ambitious people. These are the type of people whom are unafraid to take risk in there professional lives. Go hard or go home mentally. They have a vision for their life and they will see it through to completion.

Spiritual : When life hits you like a ton of bricks, you’re probably going to want to knock a few people out or vent. Nothing wrong with venting your frustrations. What about taking your problems to prayer? You don’t need a super religious friend with a stern finger and judgment. You need a spiritual and we’ll balanced friend that will allow you to release your frustration and restore your faith in prayer.

Penny Pincher : Tax season is among us. Before you make a big purchase or blow your entire return. Get a girlfriend that is financially responsible with her money. We all know that friend who likes to thrift shop or rather stay home during the weekend. Ask her for a few tips on stretching your coins and making the most of your resources. Save for a rainy day and beyond.

Marriage Minded : How many times have you and your girlfriends analyzed your breakup? Too many to count on one hand. Depending on where you are in your life. It’s time to shift your focus more on your future. Or if you are looking to settle down in the future, it’s time to take a new approach to your dating life. Friends don’t allow friends to date beneath there standards. Marriage minded friends will hold you accountable to your standards, keep an open mind and heart, and be there when times get rough.

Rock : In the words of Plies, she is my rock! Loyalty is gold in friendships and relationships period. Unfortunately loyalty is fleeting and rare. Friendships will be tested. People will come and go over time. But your rock will be a constant in your life. Let’s define your rock. Your rock understands your desire for better in life. They don’t trip over long distance or tardy message replies. Your rock will be there through thick and thin, good and bad, and most importantly this person will be your gut check when everyone else is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Your rocks are precious gems, love and appreciate them because they are rare.

In conclusion sis, this is your year of GREATNESS! Who we align ourselves with in our darkest hour or rejoice with in our accomplishments reflects who we are internally. You don’t need a large group of people to validate your purpose. You need to first and always trust in God. If God is in the midst of your plans, you cannot fail in 2018. You have to understand who you are and your purpose. Don’t negotiate your morals and values for popularity and convenience. You’re better than that. Love and respect yourself always.

You will not have to TRY to make relationship with every person you come in contact with in this life . God will bring you whatever relationship you need when you need it. Allow God to build your tribe!! He knows best!!

How do you define your tribe? Leave a comment below.

Girl, Turn Your Problem Into Your Profit In 2018

It’s 2018. Guess what we are NOT doing any longer? Giving power to our problems, worrying about the things we can’t control, and losing out on our coins. We are too fierce, fabulous, and dare I say multi-talented to limit ourselves to divine power and natural instinct.

If you’re like me you’re a mompreneur or girl boss with a few ideas swirling around in your head. You see all of your peers smiling, posting, sharing, and traveling. Maybe you’ve asked yourself; how can you live a more flexible life? Don’t worry. I’ve been in the same boat a few times. Here’s the secret : Turn your problems into your profit!

That’s right. I’m going to give you a few tips and suggestions for turning life hiccups into happy dances. Here’s something you have going for you that our moms and aunts didn’t have when they were our age. Technology at your fingertips, a good camera phone, social media access, and a bigger platform that will connect you to your key audience. Use it to your advantage. I know it’s fun and cute to post selfies, positive affirmations, and etc. But, wouldn’t it be super sweet if you got paid every time someone clicked on your website or blog? It would be epic!!


Don’t get me wrong money doesn’t solve all of your problems. Money is gives you power, options, and influence. And that’s exactly our goal in 2018 is to level up in every area of our lives. Why not start with our finances?

Here a few problems :

Dieting – Start a monthly blog about your weight loss. Capture personal moments and reach out to brands to collaborate. Providing an honest review will not only boost your confidence, it will grow your bank account.

Dating Dilemmas – Relationship advice is always a goldmine. People are always breaking up, hooking up, or making up. There’s always a new celeb couple. Give your personal advice on dating on a podcast. Share your success story on finding love or remaining happily single. Your audience will appreciate a fresh voice on an outdated topic.

Parenting : We all love kids. But sometimes, it’s hard to find the balance between parenting and having a social life. Start a parenting group for moms. Write articles for magazines and online publications. There’s always a celeb offering her unsolicited advice on parenting, why not earn bucks on your knowledge and take yourself out.

Those are just a few problems that come to mind. You’re equipped to handle life challenges. You just need help ironing out those solutions. It’s 2018! It’s time to go from idea to profit. Write a book, make a beat, drive Lyft, design, tutor, and etc. This is your time to define the life you want for yourself. Don’t get lost in temporary setbacks. Push forward and earn a profit !

How are you turning your problems into profit ? Leave a comment.

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Your Goals Don’t Care How You Feel: Six Tips For Exceeding Your Goals In 2018


Hey girl hey!!! How’s your new year going so far? On a scale of one to ten you’re probably somewhere between 6 or 8. Don’t feel bad. It happens to the best of us. The new year has settled in and the normalization of your everyday life has taken over. Now before you go chucking away your 2018 goals. Let’s have an open and honest discussion about expectations and reality.

I know it’s a new year, new you! Great ! I’m all for changes and self improvements. Sometimes we place these grandeur expectations on ourselves that don’t necessarily include our realities. Case in point: Working out at the gym twice a week. Sounds pretty easy if you have the time and flexibility in your schedule. But,if you’re a working mom like myself finding time to go to the gym, raising a growing family, a budding career, and full time job can seem a bit over whelming to squeeze the gym into your life. I know what you’re thinking. Those love handles are not going to magically disappear overnight. Facts.

Here’s the good part our expectations and realities have a common denominator. They meet in the middle of our adjustments. That’s right you will have to make some adjustments in order to be successful in 2018. A few examples include adjusting your daily routine, interactions, breaking old habits, learning new habits, and developing a routine sensible to your hearts desire.

Can I tell you something ? Your goals don’t care how you feel in 2018! Sorry not sorry. Truthfully, your goals are a constant reminder of your potential and your vision for a better life. They should be a frequent reminder that you have more to aim and accomplish in this year and beyond. Don’t get comfortable or complacent in January , March, June, or December. You have created a beautiful vision for yourself in 2018 and you owe it to yourself to see the best version of yourself emerge.

How are you going to conquer your goals in 2018? Here are six girl boss tips :

  • Be Fearless : If you constantly comparing your day one to someone else’s Day 285 you will never get ahead in the game. Take fear and comparison out of the equation and risk it all for the reward of learning something new.
  • Have a vision : If there is something in your heart or mind, it is your duty to see that vision come to life. Write the book. Start the podcast. Become a vlogger. Have a vision and hold true to it.
  • Believe In Yourself : Your belief in yourself has to be on Beyonce level! Beyonce is not checking for Ciara, Ashanti, or anyone else. Beyonce believes in her message, her gift, her brand, and etc. Believe in yourself 1000%
  • Always Hustle : What’s your hustle? You cannot live in a multifaceted world without at least three to four hustle. Go from author to coach. From blogger to masterclass. Hustle your way into bookstores, tv, film, as an expert.
  • Stay Focused : You are going to come up against faux friends, haters, negativity, doubt , frustration, rejection, and much more. Don’t give up! Stay focused and learn that nothing comes without struggle and pressure.
  • Get out there : Action! You can’t remain comfortable in a progressive world. You have to get out there and be willing to fail or make a fool out of yourself. Get out there and promote your biggest product/service…YOU! Get out there and get your blessings!

Listen sis, I hope you’re excited about all of the wonderful and endless possibilities 2018 will bring. This is your year to manifest your destiny!! I want you excited to conquer the world and your life. Don’t allow the worlds demands to overwhelm you or allow you to hit pause on your goals. You’re too sharp and too blessed to settle for less than you deserve. Repeat after me : This is my 2018!!

What are your goals for 2018? How will you conquer your goals ? Tell me about it. Leave a comment. Share the blog. Follow me. @writermcwalker

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How To Date Like A Girlboss

It’s 2017 and you are not only conquering your goals, you are exceeding expectations.  When people see you they see a woman covered in favor, faith, and confidence.  You set your mind to living purposefully in 2017 and you are doing just that. Bravo!

Are you applying that same fierce attitude to your love life? If not, you should. As a girl boss you have used your skills, wit, charm, and confidence to position you into key influential places. You set your mind to living fearlessly in 2017 and your goals of becoming stronger and wiser were at the top of the list.  Why not apply the same attitude to your dating life?

Every girl boss deserves some companionship outside of her tribe. Don’t get me wrong our girlfriends are the backbone of sisterhood,  the pillars for motherhood, and the reality check that we sometimes need when life gets a bit rough and throws us off course. Where you are in life will introduce you to game changers,  visionaries, and creative producers that are connected to the dream God instilled within you. Let’s take that same fearless attitude and approach it to dating.  Here are a few tips to dating like a girlboss :

1) Invest your time wisely. Our time is our most valuable asset, choose how you spend it wisely. If you’re dating with the intention of marriage in the future. You have to be willing to make some changes to your social life. Eliminate any activity that could possibly put you in a negative light. Goodbye bars and nightclubs, hello conferences and networking events.

2.) Preparation is Everything : Always keep some lipstick, earrings,  a pair of shades and breath mints handy. Your next client could be your future husband. Even on your worst day be ready to wow onlookers. You are your best representation, can’t nobody represent you better than you!

3. Return and Exchange Policy: Thirty days or thirty minutes,  it’s your time. Don’t give anyone no more than that. There are no returns and exchanges on your time invested. Delete all the old pictures of potential bass, high school sweethearts, and  remixed ex’s.  You’ve been there, done that, and not going back. Deuces!

4. Upgrade Your Dating Standards :  You are a E-news success story waiting to be told. Why are you dating in the kiddie pool?! Stop it! That cute guy on IG with the  tattoos, lots of followers,  school boy smile  and sexy selfies. Yeah, him..keep scrolling pass him. He’s just potential. We’re not dating potential. We’re looking for our equal and above. No more mediocre dates, dating apps, blind dates, situationships,  or its complicated.  Let’s upgrade our standards and stumble upon Mr. Right.

5. Negotiations Not Applicable : When was the last time you settled for less than you deserved? Probably never, especially in business. Why are you negotiating your dating standards? The same rules apply in the real world as they do in the board room. Negotiate to get what you want and nothing less. If he likes you, let him plan the date. He likes to text only,  tell him you like phone calls better. You’re in control sis, don’t forget!

6. Close The Deal: Every girl boss knows that you must close the deal in order to gain revenue and profit. When you’re dating you have to have a goal in mind.  Are you looking for a long term relationship,  friendship,  or marriage?  Be honest with yourself and what you want.  Don’t end up in a relationship that’s not going anywhere and deep you hope it will turn into a proposal.  Talk to your romantic interest about where you are in life and let that know upfront your intentions. When you meet the right partner set your mind on closing the deal.

You are capable of anything you put your mind too and you’re deserving of the right kind of love. While you’re busy conquering the world in your respective industry.  Allow the right kind of love to sweep you off your feet. You are a kick ass rockstar and a girlboss… Never lose sight of that!
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Reclaiming My Time : No Explanation Required 

For as long as I can remember I’ve been giving my time away. As a woman we’re more accustomed to emptying ourselves for the fulfillment of others.  As young women we pour into budding friendships enthusiastically. We embrace various lovers of hoping to enrapture ourselves in a fairy-tale. As mothers and wives we deplete every ounce of our being to support, guide, and nature the family. But in the end we weaken our core self and forget that the spirit inside of us needs just as much nurturing and self love. 

My spirit has been broken, heart rejected, and my time wasted. I gave all of my power away. After all, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in a relationship  friendship and life?! Who made these rules? 

Time is our most valuable asset. We give it away so freely and frequently that we rob ourselves of it’s very essence. My time belongs to me. I choose to live in each moment as if it was my last. Know longer will I apologize for broken relationships. They were just lessons. Things to experience and push me towards growth. Nor will I allow myself to be broken down into dust until nothing exist of me beyond the figment of imagination. I am worth more than that. 

Reclaiming my time means being cognizant of how I choose to enjoy my time. Not allowing others to abuse and disvalue what belongs to me. Saying no does not mean that I am being selfish. In fact, it means I am being selful. Refueling my body and spirit with things and people that empower and rejuvenate my spirit to it’s fullest potential.  

To be in this world means to give constantly whether as a mother, sister, friend, lover, and a public figure. We deplete our time and energy into things that too often leave us empty and hopeless on the inside. 

I’m declaring and decreeing that my time is valuable. I am a resource to others.  But I will selectively choose how to pour into the world without leaving nothing for myself.  I am a life force that breathes life into every room and thing. Reclaiming my time means reclaiming my life. 

To anyone or anything in your life taking up real estate in your heart and mind. They are not contributing to your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being… Do them a favor and set them free. Sometimes the things we hold on to is the vary thing we need to release in order to grow. I’m reclaiming my time…no explanation required. 
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